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Ok so when you say "All-Inclusive"....

Why are there no TRUE ALL INCLUSIVE resorts in the US?

We get asked this question all the time.

The initial purpose of the all-inclusive was to get people to destinations that may not have been safe to go to but had beautiful beaches.

Why let a beautiful beach go to waste?

Countries such as Mexico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic built beautiful resort​​s that provided everything you need so you wouldn’t have to off property, even private transfers to and from the airport.

Over the years, however, many of these countries have become safer. People have started to venture off property to do various excursions such as seeing shopping tours, ATV's, Snorkeling, cooking with the locals, and much more!

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So back to the original question,

“Why aren’t there All-Inclusives in the United States?”

The US is fairly safe to venture out and go to a local restaurant or do some sightseeing. If hotels start to become all-inclusive, then the local community starts to suffer. No one is going to restaurants, no one is shopping, and no one is enjoying excursions. If you are traveling within the US and are looking for a food plan, then ask your travel agent if the hotel or resort provides a food plan such as breakfast, or a combination of breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner.

For my clients that want a true ALL INCLUSIVE experience,

I highly recommend traveling internationally (passport required) or jumping on a cruise that starts and ends here in the US (no passport required).

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Happy Travels!


Daisha D.

Founder & Lead Travel Specialist

3D Travel Xscursions

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